10 Dice (EN)

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Wrfelspiel, Grundspiel

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Whether in competitive mode (with teams) or co-operative mode (starting with at least two players), everything in 10 Dice starts with a roll of the dice. Immediately, all players put their minds in action to find an association of ideas connecting the words written on the dice. An association could be a word, a place, a character, a title - anything is possible with no limits to ideas! Thus, Marie may grab the words "movie" and "boat" because she is thinking about "Titanic". The clock is ticking, and her partner Diego has thirty seconds to guess her idea. If he doesn't guess it, the opposing team has a chance to find Marie's word.

In the co-operative mode, all players search simultaneously and guess one another's thoughts, but errors can be deadly! In this version, if Diego answers "Jaws", the pawn advances on the track of "not-so good ideas". After five errors, the game is over...

As the rounds progress, the number of dice to be associated with one another increases, which increases the difficulty - and the fun!