A Song Of Ice & Fire: Bolton Dreadfort Blackguards (EN)

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House Bolton`s reputation makes you either run in terror or calls you to celebrate their wanton violence and slaughter. The
Bolton Blackguards universally fall into the latter type of person. Some of the most heavily-armored units fielded in Westeros,
their heavy twohanded flails make enemy shields all but useless. Their reputation alone can cause enemies to break and run
before the battle has begun.
The Bolton Blackguards unit box gives commanders a terrifying new unit to employ on the battlefield. Heavily armored, the
Blackguards? reputation and looks alone will cause enemies to make a Panic Test whenever they want to attack them in melee.
Adding a Bolton Flayer unit attachment to the unit only increases their effectiveness, as they`llrestore Wounds each time an
enemy fails a Panic Test while engaged with them.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.
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Art‍: Miniaturenspiel
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Genre‍: Fantasy