Android: Netrunner: System Crash Draft Starter (EN)

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 System Crash is the third draft set for Android: Netrunner Draft Play. It features deadly bluffs and destructive events in heavy measure and consists of 199 randomized cards collated from across a broad network of Android: Netrunner products – including more than 40 cards drawn from the Order and Chaos deluxe expansion and SanSan Cycle Data Packs, which players will be able to add to their rigs or HQ before they’re even released in standard LCG® products!

The System Crash Draft Starter features 17 fixed cards that serve as the core of your System Crash draft decks. A mix of essential agendas, icebreakers, assets, and resources accompany rules for draft play and “draft only” identity cards for both Corp and Runner. The System Crash Draft Starter is made available to you via Fantasy Flight Games in-house manufacturing, and you may reuse the contents of your System Crash Draft Starter through any number of System Crash draft events.

Bring the excitement of draft play to Android: Netrunner! Each player in a System Crash draft will require three separate packs:

  • One Draft Starter Pack – 12 cards and 2 IDs provides a fixed core of essential cards for both Corp and Runner
  • One Corporation Draft Pack – a selection of 40 randomized Corp cards
  • One Runner Draft Pack – a selection of 40 randomized Runner cards

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