Aquarium (EN)

2 bis 6 Spieler

45 Minuten

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In Aquarium, players need to buy matching fish to collect points? but at what cost? Cross your fingers while competitors change your offer, add new fish, swap others, or even double their value!

Build your own aquarium with colorful fish to score the most points! That is, if you can keep them alive until the end of the game.

An exciting and engaging bidding game that'll have you fish for the best bargain possible!

The pet shop is open and you'll be the ones deciding what fish it has to offer, altering its contents with a simple card system.

Keep an eye on your opponents. Can you guess what they have in mind? Mess with their plan by swapping small fish for expensive ones they can't afford, lower the price on your turn and sweep the lot when they fold!

Only make sure to gather enough plants doing so, because feeding time could chime quicker than you think! We wouldn't want to flush all of our investment down the toilet, now would we?