Black Rose Wars: Hidden Thorns 5-6 Players expansion (EN)

1 bis 6 Spieler

ab 14 Jahren

90 Minuten

Brettspiel, Erweiterung, Fantasy

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With the Hidden Thorns expansion, you can expand the battles fought within the Black Rose Lodge. Expands the maximum number of players in Black Rose Wars to 6 players, considerably increasing the game possibilities. To accommodate the addition of two more players, two new colors, white and magenta, are introduced and are now available to the players.
Marco and Geneve , two new mages, make their debut in Hidden Thorns, vastly increasing the choice of characters in the game. Marco, of Molisan origins, is specialized in the School of Illusion, while Geneve, from Paris, masters the spells of the School of Conspiracy. The new mages are represented by two beautiful miniatures, and the box contains all the game components needed to play them.
2 Mages miniatures, 2 Mage sheets, 6 Custom Spell cards, 2 Power Point tokens, 20 Trophy tokens, 2 Mage cells, 12 Trap/Protection tokens, 2 Action tokens, 12 Rose pins, 14 Element tokens, 50 Damage/Instability tokens, 2 Inhibition tokens.