Chariots of Rome Add-on Pack (EN)

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Putting the "Maximus" in your Circus Maximums, the Chariots of Rome Add-On Pack adds new teams, Charioteers, and Fate cards to liven things up.

This also increases the number of players from 8 to 12, so that you can enjoy racing with more of your friends!

- 2 new teams of Chariots (Gold and Purple), each with a complete set of Faction mats, sets of tokens, initiative cards, standees, and flats
- 4 new Charioteers (Acacious, the vengeful; Marcellus, master auriga; Telesphoros, favored of the gods; Vitellius, brilliant tactician)
- 6 new Fate cards (Cerberus Unleashed; The Corrupt Wager; Cult of Mithras; Mars Inspires; Saturn's Intrigue; Theatrics for Bachus)
- 2 new Lap markers (Egg and Dolphin) to keep track of laps as they did in Circus Maximus

NOTE: You must own a copy of Chariots of Rome to enjoy this Add-On Pack.