Deck Box - Satin Tower - Forest Oak

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Ultra PRO's Satin Towers are premium deck boxes made with durable hard shell materials enhanced strength and a smooth feel. Each Satin Tower was designed to hold up to 100+ Standard sized trading cards (such as Magic or Pokemon) in Ultra PRO Deck Protectors Sleeves and include a spacious accessory compartment in the bottom to hold items such as life counters, dice and other gaming essentials. Holds up to 100 standard (Magic) size gaming cards double-sleeved in Ultra PRO PRO-Fit and Deck Protector sleeves
Smooth "Unique" Ultra Hi-Gloss rainbow gradiant finish
Bottom compartment holds dice, tokens and other small accessories
Highly durable Deck Box to store and protect trading and game cards
Great for organizing your collection at home or to take to your next gaming event