Deluxe Illuminati (EN)

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2 bis 6 Spieler

120 bis 180 Minuten

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Back by popular demand . . . literally. Illuminati won the Origins Award for Best SF Game of 1982. Secret conspiracies are everywhere! The phone company is controlled by creatures from outer space, the Congressional Wives have taken over the Pentagon, and the Boy Sprouts are going door-to-door to smash the IRS. Two to six players compete to grab powerful groups and increase their wealth and power. No ploy is too devious, no strategem too low. It's even possible to share a victory . . . but it's so easy to make a deal and then betray your partner. (Don't confuse this game with the collector card version, INWO.) And don't miss the Deluxe Illuminati expansion Y2K!
Boxed set includes 106 cards, 4 blank cards, 160 money tokens, two dice, and a rulebook