Dice Kingdoms of Valeria Winter (EN)

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Winter is not coming...it's HERE! Snow is on the ground, the streets are iced over, the canals are getting sluggish, and the barmaid at the Cask & Trotter is offering to warm up your cold brew; things change in the winter. The knights on the wall have fewer goblins to repel, the guilds reorganize their membership lists, the monster-kin hunker down in their dens for the long winter nights and it sure ain't easy finding the trailheads to their lairs. Yes-sir-eee, it's like a whole different world, out there!

When you're ready for a new challenge playing Dice Kingdoms of Valeria, check out the Winter Expansion. This pack contains two winter-themed 50-sheet pads to use instead of the base-game sheets and there's a set of rules on the back of the cover sheet explaining the differences you'll encounter.

More of What You Love - When players are looking for a new experience from DKOV, these winter-themed sheets are the perfect switch-up.
Familiar and All New - The Castle looks the same under a dusting of snow, but there are subtle changes. The Forest is wildly different, and slaying the monsters is a bit harder.
Still Solo Playable - These new sheets are just as fun solo as with a group of gamers.

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