Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Brotherhood of Steel: Liberty Prime (EN)

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Brand new from Modiphius Entertainment comes the largest mechanical monster of the wastes. Bigger than a Behemoth. Rougher than a Raider. Deadlier than a Deathclaw. Liberty Prime is striding forward, crushing enemies like bugs and smashing all resistance in its way ? for Freedom!
Liberty Prime is the pinnacle of pre-war weapons technology. It was designed by the American Military as a secret weapon for taking back Anchorage from the Chinese invaders, however it was never deployed. At the time its only working attack was to stomp on enemies ? how times have changed.
The model itself (so big it`s hardly a ?miniature?) is still incredibly detailed, from its high energy power pack to its massive mechanical fists. It`s so large we`ve had to change our production process to create the fully detailed base, with half a Red Rocket fuel station on it! It towers over even the largest Super Mutant Behemoth and utterly dwarfs regular Wastelanders.
Approximate measurements:
Scenic Base: 175mm diameter
Liberty Prime Height (without base) 234mm
The Liberty Prime contains the model and scenic base and does not include rules or scenarios.

Supplied unpainted
Requires Assembly
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