Fermentvm Nigrvm Dei Sepvlti (EN)


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Miracles, wonders, manifestations of heavenly favor: to the ales of the Abbey of St. Christopher have been attributed all these and more divine miracles. The abbey's ales are celebrated far and wide, gossiped about from Ghent to Köln, and guzzled as much for pleasure as for their supposed curative powers. You know well the modest inn that stands outside the abbey wall: you've guzzled those blessed beers in ist taproom, counted ill-gotten coins in ist rooms, tossed and turned through nightmares aplenty in ist beds. But nothing can prepare you for the horrors that await when, late one night, you wake to find the church engulfed in flames, ist bloodied brothers slaughtering one another, ist steeple-bell above tolling for the dead, the dying, and for mercy from heaven above. Written by Gord Sellar, widely published author and co-translator of science fiction, homebrewer, and musician living in South Korea. Art by Gonzalo Aeneas, an award-winning Spanish illustrator and comics and tattoo artist. FERMENTVM NIGRVM DIE SEPVLTI is an adventure for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional role-playing games.