GameMastery: Item Packs Set 2 - Heros Hoard Display (12) (EN)

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The first expansion in Paizo's GameMastery? Item Packs line, Hero's Hoard contains 110 playing-card-sized cards to help GMs track important treasures. Each card features a beautiful full-color illustration of an item (weapon, armor, wondrous item, etc.) on one side, with a text description and room for notes on the opposite side. A GM can hand these out when their PCs get treasure and watch as players learn to love managing their booty. A code on each card helps GMs track which card corresponds to which treasure.

Useable by experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any GameMaster's arsenal.

Hero's Hoard booster packs contain:

  • 1 armor (cards 01-15)
  • 2 weapons (16-39)
  • 2 potions (40-57)
  • 1 scroll (63-72)
  • 1 wand (79-88)
  • 2 wondrous items (89-110)
  • 1 ring (58-62) or 1 rod or staff (73-78)
  • 1 foil card, which may be any card from the set.
Display boxes contain 12 booster packs.

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