Gang of Dice (EN)

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The boss is going to retire. As one of his lieutenants, you need to take over the reins of the family. But you're not alone in this race... Gather as many minions as possible to show that you are a true leader. Don't be too power-hungry though, as it would displease the boss-he could even get rid of you with a bomb! How far will you go to take his place?

Each round, players reveal a Warning card that displays a particular dice combination or threshold. Each player chooses any number of their dice and rolls them. Your goal is to obtain the highest result without triggering the combination indicated on the card. The player who manages to do that wins the round and gains the dice rolled by all players. At the end of the game, the player with the most dice wins.

Hersteller: Mandoo Games
Kategorie: Spiele
Artikelnummer: MDOGANGD01
Typ‍: Grundspiel
Anzahl‍: 2 Spieler3 Spieler4 Spieler
Alter‍: ab 8 Jahren
Dauer‍: bis 30 Minuten
Sprache‍: Englisch