Get on Board: Paris & Rome (EN)

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Who will have the best Metro line? Organize your passengers' trips across the most romantic cities in the world! Feel free to double up with other players and create connections that will earn you even more points.

Over multiple rounds in Get on Board: Paris & Roma, you reveal a new route card, then plot the ideal route to cross off the best passenger and place spaces. Complete your objectives, and try to get the most points!

1 Double-sided board
1 Paris map
1 Rome map
50 Double-sided player sheets
160 Route markers
5 Departure pawns
5 Pencils
12 Metro Ticket cards
6 Common Objective cards
10 Personal Objective cards
5 Paris cards
5 Rome cards
1 Inspector pawn
1 Solo Variant rules sheet
2 Rush Hour cards (for the Solo Variant)

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