Going, Going, GONE!

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Going, Going, GONE! is an Auction Game like no other that you have experienced. It is a reflection of real-life auctions, not the distinct, one-at-a-time player bidding, which is characteristic of most all other Auction Games.

In Going, Going, GONE!, players will bid on 5 different auctions simultaneously and in real-time, attempting to build their item collections. These collections can be sold for “Bucks” throughout the game, which then provides the player with additional Bucks to bid in future auctions.

Players will take turns as the Auctioneer, and the Auctioneer can also be bid on Auctions. The Auctioneer will conduct the 5 simultaneous auctions by counting down from “10 to 1” and then saying “GONE!”. The pace of this countdown can be as fast or slow as the Auctioneer wants, but it must be consistent throughout the countdown. Therefore, the total time of each Auction will range from about 10 seconds to… as fast as the Auctioneer can say, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONE!”. In either the very fast or “slow” (still only 10 seconds) auction case, all players are bidding simultaneously on all auctions to win the items currently up for auction.

If not frantic enough by just the speed of the real-time, under 10 second countdown, in Going, Going, GONE! players bid in these 5 simultaneous real-time Auctions by using their “Bucks”, which are wooden cubes that must be physically dropped into any or all of the 5 plastic, transparent Auction Cups in the center of the table. Each Auction Cup represents one of the 5 simultaneous Auctions. Next to each of these Auction Cups lies the one or two Item cards, which the players are attempting to win in the Auctions. At the end of the countdown when the Auctioneer says “GONE!”, the Auctioneer will drop the Auction Paddle on top of the 5 Auction Cups, covering them up so that no other Bucks cubes can be dropped into an Auction Cup, and closing the Auction. The player who has the most wooden Bucks cubes in a given Auction Cups wins that Auction, and takes the associated Item Cards.

There are 7 rounds of Auctions in a game of Going, Going, GONE!, all played in the above manner. The player with the most Bucks at the end of all rounds wins! 

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