Guild Ball - The Falconer`s Guild: Daughter of Falcons (EN)

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The Falconers are a damn mystery to everyone, between the rumours surrounding their origins and their enigmatic ties to the Hunters. One things for sure, though - the Falconer`s Guild represent an unwelcome wildcard for the Guilds their sudden appearance an omen the feral Hunters are on the rise once more...
- Lucky, Free Agent

The Falconer`s Guild focusses on dealing heavy amounts of damage both at range and in melee, a different spin on the ?hit and run? playstyle of the Hunters.

Many of the Falconer players focus on placing deadly Harrier effects on the pitch, enemies within a Harrier effect become distracted and injured by swarms of birds of prey, causing them to suffer even more damage.

The Falconer`s Guild are an ideal team for any Coach that enjoys a methodical and slightly tricksy playstyle, backed up by a capacity to deal raw damage to the opposition.

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