Haiclue (EN)

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In Haiclue, players arrange random word tiles to build short, descriptive poems. Each round, players use a pool of 15 random tiles to make a clue for one of the four words in the center of the table. Then, the group reads the clues out loud, and everyone guesses which of the four words belongs to each player. If a player guesses correctly, they score a point for themselves and for the author of the clue.
Perfect for couples that like cooperative games or larger groups looking for a creative challenge. No matter the group size, Haiclue has a quick pace, because everyone makes their clues at the same time, and with 216 double-sided word tiles, every game is unique.
Kategorie: Spiele
Artikelnummer: TBXHAICL01
Sprache‍: Englisch
Art‍: Partyspiel
Typ‍: Grundspiel
Anzahl‍: 2 Spieler3 Spieler4 Spieler5 Spieler6 Spieler7 Spieler8+ Spieler
Alter‍: ab 14 Jahren
Dauer‍: bis 30 Minuten