Inis: Seasons of Inis (EN)

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Inis welcomes a 5th player!
Discover the new gameplay with the seasons wheel, bringing new modalities of victory!

Explore the 6 new territories and lead your troops from the harbors to the island!
This expansion offers your a lot of new cards. New actions cards but also new epic tales always more powerful!

Go back to the adventure, warrior, and may the gods be on your side!


- 6 new territories
- 1 season wheel board
- 6 Harbor tiles
- 31 cards (4 actions, 21 epic tales, 6 advantage cards)
- 1 Macha' s Curse token
- 12 clan miniatures
Kategorie: Spiele
Artikelnummer: EDMINISS02
GTIN: 454545454545
Art‍: Brettspiel
Typ‍: Erweiterung
Anzahl‍: 2 Spieler3 Spieler4 Spieler5 Spieler
Alter‍: ab 14 Jahren
Dauer‍: bis 90 Minuten
Sprache‍: Englisch