Into the Black: Boarding Party (EN)

1 bis 5 Spieler

ab 13 Jahren

90 bis 120 Minuten

Brettspiel, Grundspiel, Science-Fiction

Kategorie: Spiele

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Into the Black: Boarding Party is a space pirate themed, tile laying, semi-cooperative board game. Every game is a different experience with a random tile layout and multiple loss and win conditions.
Each player has the opportunity to win individually, or as a group and there is also the potential for one player to sabotage everything, revealing themselves as a traitor upon completion of their own objective.
As you board and explore an unknown star ship, searching for the bridge, strange winding corridors and new rooms are slowly revealed. Be wary of where you step as each new room may hold a potentially deadly surprise; enemy defenders attempting to fend off your dastardly plundering, a dangerous plasma leak or artificial gravity failure can all mean doom for you and your crew! Each of these issues must be dealt with in one way or another to be able to proceed in your quest. Looting the ship may net you many helpful items such as stim packs to heal, special or upgraded weapons to help fight off enemy defenders, body armor to protect against damage and more.
Explore the ship, complete your primary and personal objectives, and survive; All before meeting any number of failure conditions, to win or lose; together!