Invaders: Armageddon Expansion (EN)

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Invaders: Armageddon is an expansion for Invaders, comprising four expansions in one package.

Armageddon expands the number of possible stratagems available to each player, from the board-set ones available in the base game of Invaders. Due to the hidden nature of these powerful additions, both players are kept guessing as to their opponent`s overall plan of attack - until it might be too late!

Mankind has also gained a new phase, allowing him to attack the vast alien mothership, and possibly increase his shot at victory against the alien overlords. This addition alters the way both players fight the invasion of Earth:
Will the Invader move scarce resources to protect the mothership - which has an energy source available to help play Invader cards, or can fire a mega-death super-weapon.
How many cards will Mankind play to directly attack the mothership, because every robot or tank moved to strike the starship is one less card available to defend Earth from other attacks...

This expansion also adds three new theatres of conflict (coastal cities) for both sides to combat over. Along with his hand of cards, the Invader player deploys alien squids to form an ever-increasing swarm, while Mankind struggles to defend Earth with a limited number of jet squadrons.
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