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KARMABUSINESS is a game which stimulates the Entrepreneur that lies within us all. It´s a simple and realistic simulation of the world of business in which the creation of a successful company is not the objective, but merely the means by which we attain a far less prosaic goal: the realization of our Dreams.

Playing KARMABUSINESS you will enjoy..
- Starting up Businesses at different levels.
- Developing your Negotiation skills.
- Undertaking exciting tests for your Personal Development.
- Using your Resources to generate employment and wealth.
- Detecting and taking advantage of business opportunities.
- Setting aside part of your profit for Social Well-being (Karma).
-Investing in Advertising to increase your market share.
-Securing the capital to drive your projects through Loans.
-Acquiring Shares in your opponents´ companies.
-And most importantly... Discovering your Dreams and making them reality!


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