Mage Wars: Conquest of Humanjaro (EN)

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“Far to the South, across the Ceridian Sea, lies Kumanjaro, a sprawling continent of wide savannahs, dense jungles, and untold riches. It has remained untouched by the cultured of the North, until now…”

- Two new alternate Mages with unique abilities, the Johktari Beastmaster and the Malakai Priest

- Multiple copies of the 26 new spells featured in this set including the Legendary Makunda and the Galador, Protector of Straywood.

- Brand new conditions to enhance gameplay and the battle experience. Stuck, Tainted, and Bleed!

- Tokens to keep track of bonuses and enhance the play experience!

- The Mage Wars Core Set required to play.
Hersteller: Arcane Wonders
Kategorie: Spiele
Artikelnummer: ARWMAGEW08
GTIN: 853211004080
Art‍: Brettspiel
Typ‍: Erweiterung
Genre‍: Fantasy
Sprache‍: Englisch