Mars Attacks: Flatbed Truck

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With the majority of their vehicles destroyed or rendered useless by the invaders, the armed forces of humanity went back to basics in Greenville, repurposing flatbed trucks to fight back against the Martian Menace. These trucks transported soldiers around the town, and were even sometimes armed to take the fight to the enemy.

This new vehicle for the humans gives this faction some much needed support, as you’ll be able to quickly move your figures from point to point, allowing you to get them where they’re most needed in record time. There will be a number of scenarios where you can use these trucks – whether it’s an attack on a Martian held position, getting civilians to safety or even protecting Joe whilst he hot-wires a vehicle to make a desperate escape against overwhelming forces – there are countless ways you can make use of your trucks, and there are also a number of ways we can upgrade it in the future. 

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