Nowheresville (englische Ausgabe)

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As a felonious bandit, you try to rob as much money as possible and escape from the mangy town of Nowheresville. Thankfully, you have plenty of opportunities to rob others — but whether you’ll succeed or not depends on your timing, how many bandits are in your gang, and how well you do in the gun battles. As soon as you’ve stolen enough money, you can say goodbye to this dump in the middle of the desert, ending the game with you as the winner.

Nowheresville: Bandit Paradise offers a balanced mix of strategy, accidents, and a few unique gadgets that combine to make it a cool Western game. The bandits have plenty of character types, and the fights take place in variety of locations. Nowheresville includes a unique shooting mechanism in which you shoot at large cowboy cards with a special rubber band, and the damage caused depends on which part of the body you hit. You can also shoot with a wide type of rubber bands depending on the kind of the gun you have.

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