Numenera: The Devil`s Spine

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The Devil’s Spine wraps three distinct adventures in a thrilling, hard-driving frame story—run them (in any order) as a mini-campaign, or ignore the frame story and use them as standalone adventures. They give gaming groups a taste of the fantastic Numenera setting and showcase the narrative structure of the game and its evocative world.

The terrifying Devil’s Spine graft will claim a life, and the clock is ticking. Removing it will send the characters to the depths of the Mechanized Tomb, into a web of Viral Transmissions, and ultimately off the corebook map and into uncharted territory when they go Beyond the Maelstrom.

In addition to introducing new territories not covered in the Numenera Corebook, The Devil’s Spine also offers new creatures, characters, and items to add to any campaign.

• Your customers will be hungry for new content following the August launch of the highly anticipated Numenera RPG

• Builds on the sense of wonder and mystery established in the Numenera Corebook

• Adventures help build campaigns—and campaigns mean more sales of supplements in 2014 and beyond!

• The creator of and author of Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, Monte Cook is renowned among gamers as one of the industry’s most exciting adventure designers! 

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