Peppers of the Caribean (EN)

2 bis 4 Spieler

ab 8 Jahren

30 Minuten

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DescriptionHot-tempered pirates are roaming the Caribbean, on the lookout for mischief. These pirates only want one thing after a day of pillaging ships and raiding harbours ? and that is a peppery meal with lots of spices. Collect the hottest dishes and put together your menu so that the crew rewards you with extra points. Show those landlubbers that you are the best chef of the Caribbean!

The players take cards from the supply until they can play a set of 3 or 4 cards. Only one or two cards from these sets will be kept and score points at the end of the game. The rest is "thrown overboard". By collecting certain cards in your score pile, you can also earn bonus cards. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.