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Railways Express is a race around the USA and parts of southern Canada and northern Mexico. Up to 4 players choose a railroad line, designated by color, and are assigned a starting city. The object of the game is to link all four cities of your color. To do this, you will lay track according to what you roll on two terrain dice and two track dice. Like the base game of Railways of the World (ROTW) from which Railways Express is derived, you must lay curved and straight track through various types of terrain including plains, water and mountains. Linking to cities will award you re-roll cubes (and possibly cards as well) giving you strategic options for the routes you will need to plan and the cities you will need to link. Railways Express uses most of the components familiar to fans of the Railways of the World series—such as track tiles; plastic model trains; wooden cubes and familiar types of cards including Service Bounties and Railroad Operations. This self-contained board game is designed as an introduction to the ROTW series. It is accessible to younger players and at the same time totally enjoyable for seasoned veterans of the series. 

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