Rival Realms with expansion (EN)

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In this bundle you will receive Fantastiqa: Rival Realms & Fantastiqa: Rival Realms - Far Frontier Expansion!

In Fantastiqa: Rival Realms you are victims of a curious card trick gone very, very wrong, you and a rival Magician find yourselves lost in a billowing sea of fog. When it dissolves, you gaze upon the immense emptiness of Fantastiqa, the legendary land of fabled beasts and fantastiqal quests, only moments before it is summoned into being...

And you are the Magicians who will summon it!

With nothing but a shared pack of magical cards, you and your opponent continue your competition by creating Rival Realms in Fantastiqa itself. Summon strange landscapes! Adventure through arcane regions! Find fabled beasts! Gather odd and awesome artifacts! The Magician who scores the most points for her Realm in these weird ways is declared the winner.

Rival Realms is a standalone game. You do NOT need a copy of Fantastiqa to play this game.

Players play cards from their hands to create Regions and to go adventuring in each of their Rival Realms. By collecting Adventure Tokens, players gain the assistance of Creatures and Artifacts which allow them to perform special actions that help them explore further. The player who scores the most points by creating and exploring Regions, connecting Regions of the same type, and by completing Quests wins the game.

Fantastiqa: Rival Realms - Far Frontier Expansion adds powerful Relics to Rival Realms.

Relics are chosen at random and placed in the 4 corners of your Realm. You must explore the corner regions of your Realm to claim the Relics!

Base Game Components:
3 - Standees w/ Plastic Bases (2 Adventurer Standees, 1 Raven Standee)
50 - Region Cards
12 - Event Cards
8 - Enchantment Cards
6 - Quest Cards
24 - Mountain/Valley Cards
24 - Adventure Tokens
1 - Starting Player Token
2 - Player Reference Cards

4 - Rift of the Rival Realms: Promo Card

Rift of the Rival Realms is a "crossover" set of 4 Artifact Cards for use with Fantastiqa or Fantastiqa: Rucksack Edition! This card will bring the ability to do combos from Rival Realms and make it available in the Original Fantastiqa Games!

Expansion Components:
2 - Player Aid Cards
2 - Enchantment Cards
2 - Quest Cards
14 - Relic Tokens
Hersteller: Eagle-Gryphon Games
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Sprache‍: Englisch