Sails of Glory: British S.o.L Ship Pack - HMS Zealous 1785 (EN)

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In late 18th century, the backbone of the English battle fleet was composed of third-rate 74-gun ships – armed with a combination of 28 32-Pounder guns in the lower deck, 28 18-Pounder guns in the upper deck and 18 9-Pounder guns in the quarterdeck and in the forecastle. HMS Zealous was an Edgar class ship of the line. Similarly to the Bellona class, the Edgar class was one of the designs by Thomas Slade, using a slightly modified version of the original Arrogant design. Launched on June, 25th 1785, HMS Zealous served in a number of battles of the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars – notably the Battle of the Nile, where she engaged the French ship Guerriere, helping to force her surrender.

This is not a complete game. You must own a Sails of Glory — Starter Set to play.
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