Siege of Valeria Campaign (EN)

Erweiterung für Siege of Valeria
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There is a lot of content (and lots of story flavor text!) in this epic feeling campaign expansion.

This box includes:

16 Elite Troops, 7 Bosses
2 Siege Engines, 1 Wound Token
10 Commanders, 10 Dukes
10 Penalties, 10 Bonuses, 3 Starter Champions
2 Champions, 2 Events, 1 Reference card, and 1 Rule Book
As the story goes...

"Our scouts report an entourage from the Shadow Kingdoms arrived with a squad of elite troops escorting a seasoned commander and a creature of immense power to the monster-kin's pavilion. This escalation is obviously in answer to the arrival of our own Duke and his champions. I fear this siege is only the start of a campaign that will test our fortitude and threaten the very existence of Valeria, itself." - the Earl's daybook

The campaign expansion to Siege of Valeria introduces rules for a multi-game series that will test your skill at defeating the troops and siege engines arrayed against you. A powerful Boss and Elite Troops will join each battle under an enemy Commander while penalties and bonuses follow you from one game to the next. A Duke is there to assist you, but it is your own skills that will lead the campaign to glory...or to failure.

Bosses - One Boss card is added to the Siege Engines deck and attacks you twice each round when it comes out. You need to defeat it twice before you remove it from the battle.
Elite Troops - Four Elite Troop cards are added to the Troop deck and each one requires two specific die values to defeat.
Commanders & Dukes - A Valeria Duke and a Monster-kin Commander are drawn at the start to give each side special benefits.
Lose the Battle, Win the War - A campaign is three games, each worth more VP than the one before. You might lose one siege and still win the war...if you're skillful.

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