Summoner Wars: The Fallen Kingdom Expansion

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Old Bones

He is Ret-Talus, the Rotten King, a decayed thing over two thousand years old, and one of the most intelligent creatures ever to exist. He uses his twisted powers to dredge up the dead and force them to continue fighting. No sacrifice is too gruesome for this mad king in his quest for glory!

Will you lead the undead hordes of the Fallen Kingdom, making any fiendish sacrifice necessary, as you wield the dark necrotic arts in pursuit of the subjugation of the world?

This Summoner Wars Faction Deck provides everything you need to play the Fallen Kingdom. (A Summoner Wars Starter Set is also needed to play the game.)

Fallen Kingdom Faction Deck Includes:

  • 1 Ret-Talus - Summoner
  • 1 Skhull - Champion
  • 1 Dragos - Champion
  • 1 Elut-Bal - Champion
  • 7 Skeletal Archers - Common
  • 6 Zombie Warriors - Common
  • 5 Reapers - Common
  • 3 Dark Sacrifice Events
  • 2 Legions of the Dead Events
  • 2 Forced Summon Events
  • 2 Magic Drain Events
  • 3 Wall Cards
  • 1 Summoner Reference Card

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