Summoner Wars: The Vanguards Expansion

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New Blood

She is only sixteen years of age, yet this maiden wielding the ancient Stone of the Dane strides across the battlefield like a goddess of old. Grown men gladly sell their lives to protect her, the love in their eyes dangerously akin to religious awe. But her eyes are worn for one so young - they are the eyes of innocence lost, the eyes of one who must stare into pits of undying malice. She is Sera Eldwyn: prodigy, general, Grandmaster of the Vanguards.

Will you take up arms as the righteous humans of the Vanguards, using protection and healing magic to stand firm upon the battlefield in defense of the downtrodden?

This Summoner Wars Faction Deck provides everything you need to play the Vanguards. (A Summoner Wars Starter Set is also needed to play the game.)

Vanguards Faction Deck Includes:

  • 1 Sera Eldwyn - Summoner
  • 1 Archangel - Champion
  • 1 Kalon Lightbringer - Champion
  • 1 Raechel Loveguard - Champion
  • 8 Guardian Knights - Common
  • 5 Stalwart Archers - Common
  • 5 Priests - Common
  • 3 Holy Judgment Events
  • 2 Divine Strength Events
  • 2 Summoning Surge Events
  • 1 Intercession Event
  • 1 A Hero is Born Event
  • 3 Wall Cards
  • 1 Summoner Reference Card

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