The Strange: Dark Spiral

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The Dark Spiral wraps several distinct adventures in a thrilling, hard-driving frame story—run them as a mini-campaign, or ignore the frame story and use them as standalone adventures. They give gaming groups a taste of the dangerous and exotic settings of The Strange.

Spiral Dust is the latest threat on the street. Following the winding path from junkie to dealer to distributor propels characters off Earth and into recursions both known and wholly new. While Ardeyn and Ruk offer dangers stiff enough to faze even veteran players, PCs eventually must face the Dustman, a “malign sandman” whose true nature is almost too alien for human minds to comprehend.

- Several linked adventures in a hefty package!
- Your customers will be hungry for new content following the August launch of the highly anticipated The Strange RPG. 
- Helps your customers kick off their game campaigns—which mean more sales of supplements in 2015 and beyond!
- MCG is already heavily promoting this as one of the early titles for gamers to look out for shortly after launch. 
- By Bruce R. Cordell, one of the most celebrated adventure designers in RPG history. 

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