Token and Markers: X-Wing Complete Tokens Set Upgraded (80 St³ck) (EN)

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Compatible with X-Wing and legal during official tournaments. A great way to upgrade your X-Wing collection with high quality plexiglass tokens. Sets are created to match various requirements of X-Wing fans and to make the gaming experience even better. The Upgraded Set provides tokens with better, higher quality and more colourful overprint.They are more diverse now and they attract attention easier, its also easier to notice them on the table. We offer one large set with 10 pieces of each token available. Inside our X-Wing complete Tokens set you will find: 1 Set of 10 Ion tokens. 1 Set of 10 Shield tokens. 1 Set of 10 Stress tokens. 1 Set of 10 Focus tokens. 1 Set of 10 Evade tokens. 1 Set of 10 pairs of matching Target Locks (20 tokens in total, 10 Red and 10 Blue) 1 Set of 10 Critical Hit tokens. e-Raptor X-Wing complete Token set designed for use with the X-Wing board game by Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. e-Raptor Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. and they do not endorse these products.

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