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In the oldest poem of Norse Mythology, the Völuspá tells the story of the endless struggle of powerful gods, dangerous creatures, and forgotten races. Which beings will dominate each other? Will the Valkyries overtake Thor? Will Odin survive the challenge of the trickster, Loki? Every time the story unfolds differently, a new force rises in dominance.
The players play tiles with different characters and creatures of Norse Mythology. They try to dominate other tiles and score points this way. The player who scores the most points by dominating other tiles wins the game.

An easy to learn tile-laying game with great depth. 
Simple rules: Play a tile and use its power or ability (block, capture or intimidate other tiles) to dominate a line and score points. 
Lots of possibilities: Contains 12 different creatures and Gods with their own powers and abilities!

The included expansion module “Saga of Edda” offers even more strategic opportunities!

Beautiful artwork by Pierô (Lost Temple) 

85 tiles

5 score markers 
5 “+50/+100”-tokens
Kategorie: Spiele
Artikelnummer: WGGVOELU01
GTIN: 8718026300814
Sprache‍: Deutsch & Englisch
Art‍: Brettspiel
Typ‍: Grundspiel
Genre‍: Fantasy