Wombat Rescue: 5th Player Expansion (EN)

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Wombat Rescue: 5th Player Expansion for Wombat Rescue - a novel game by designer Matt Wolfe in which you play a Mama wombat. The dastardly dingo has stormed your burrow and chased away 4 of your baby wombats! You will need to eat and digest food in order to produce poop cubes, with which you will build smell areas so you can navigate your environment, find your baby wombats, and bring them home. The player who best plans their smell areas and moves most efficiently will find their 4 babies, bring them home and prove victorious!

Don't be fooled by the wonderfully colorful and unique art by Polish Artist Mateusz Sxulik, or the unusual theme from US Designer Matt Wolfe. Wombat Rescue is not a kid's game. It is really a family game for ages 10 and up or a light to medium gamer's game for 1 to 4 players that takes about one hour to play!

Wombat Rescue: 5th Player Expansion includes the following items:
1 Mama Wombat
4 Baby Wombats
15 poop cubes
Player Board
5 Action Tiles
You will need the Wombat Rescue Game to use the Wombat Rescue: 5th Player Expansion