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Albuera 16th May, 1811: In early May, French commander Jean-de-Dieu Soult moved a force to attack a British and Portuguese army commanded by Marshal William Beresford. Soult's plan was to defeat Beresford and therefore relieve the British siege of Badajoz. A Spanish contingent, however, had just united with Beresford, and the combined British, Portuguese, and Spanish force now outnumbered the French. Soult attacked anyway, and his plan to outflank the enemy worked well - in the beginning... but a determined defense ultimately repulsed the attack. Can you as Soult decisively prevail against the Allies or as Beresford falter and flounder in the face of French aggression? You decide in this realistic Napoleonic battle game.

Albuera 16th May, 1811 is the 1st Volume in the Napoleonic Battlefield Series (NBS). NBS portrays Napoleonic battles at the regiment or brigade level, giving players a sense of the historical era without overloading with rules and procedures. Rules include ranged artillery bombardment, cavalry counter-charges, random special events, disruption and recovery, and the importance of leaders and command.

This is old-fashioned beer & pretzels wargaming, designed to be enjoyed in an evening. Given its small size, this title is available in ziplock only.

Hersteller: Paul Koenig
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