Banjooli Xeet (DE/EN)

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The wizard of the tribe has died. As it has been recorded by our ancestors, for thousands of years wizard-wannabes made their predictions for the ostrich race in the Holy Cave, with the one making the more accurate predictions becoming the new wizard. Which ostrich will win the race? Who will become the new wizard? The answers are not easy since it is an open secret that candidates are not limited just to making predictions...

In Banjooli Xeet, players become wizards who must predict the order of arrival of racing ostriches in order to gain points, while dodging obstacles, collecting berries, avoiding the dreaded lion, and not waking the sleeping crocodiles.

This second edition of Banjooli Xeet incorporates the Kanasu expansion, a single ostrich that sometimes joins the race, that cannot be scared, and that no one can gain points for if it wins. In addition, some minor rules were changed, rules for the lion tile were added, and some tiles from the first edition were replaced with new tiles that are intended to make the game faster and more fun.
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