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The year is 2219. The days of Earth being the center of humankind's attention are over. The era of long-distance spaceflights and planet colonization is already upon us. Mars has been colonized for more than 100 years. It facilitates a growing population and a thriving society with higher living standards.
Among the numerous institutions that use Mars as their Operations Center, A.M.A.C., the Asteroid Mining Assembly of Corporations, oversees the works of all Asteroid Mining Corporations. Ceres is the dwarf planet that acts as the final trading port before heading for the outer solar system. Now, it is also the home of the Asteroid Mining Industrial Complex. Here is a place where humanity can find work more easily. High-skilled space workers rotate in various posts, working for a couple of years, mostly as supervisors. They work in the Ceres mines, factories, laboratories as well as the Asteroid mines extracting much needed ice and ore... Corporations oversee all the operations and compete for profit and power.
Are you ready to board the mission and lead Ceres?

About the Game:

Ceres is a 1-4 Sci-Fi worker placement game where players take the role of an Asteroid Mining Corporation in the near future and try to outplay their opponents and rule Ceres! The game consists of 3 rounds that represent 3 years in Ceres and the respective full business cycles of the corporations. Players can choose among a variety of actions including launching mining probes to the Asteroid Belt, trading raw materials, constructing and upgrading their core facilities as well as expanding the colony of Ceres, improving their technology through research and liaising with the Mars council in order to exploit their power even more!
Ceres has been co-developed with an astrophysicist for the best possible thematic applications and brings a couple of innovative twists to the worker placement genre!

Hersteller: Artipia Games
Kategorie: Spiele
Artikelnummer: ARPCERES01
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Typ‍: Grundspiel
Sprache‍: Englisch
Alter‍: ab 14 Jahren
Dauer‍: bis 120 Minuten
Genre‍: Science Fiction
Spielsystem‍: Ceres
Warengruppe‍: Spiele