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The enigmatic Quest Masters of Arbandy leftmany mysterious quests in their wake but the most coveted of all is an unrivaled treasure known as the Questar. Tavern tales and oracles of old have said that mortal artistry pales in comparison to the Questar's beauty.Now competing parties of adventurers have formed to take on the Quest Masters' quests and become the Keepers of the Questar.....They are inviting you to embark on this journey and collect the Questar for you very own!But beware, hidden dangers lurk within dungeons encumbered by traps and monsters; ready to destroy the unwary adventurer! Traps and monsters can be exposed, but can you avoid them all?
In Keepers of the Questar, players take on the role of both a daring group of adventurers and a cunning Quest Masterin this 1 vs. 1 dungeon crawler full of magic and mayhem. You will step into an exciting world of fantasy and adventurewith your 4 characters!