Mage Wars: Core Spell Tome 02 (EN)

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Core Spell Tome 2 contains 110 additional copies of spells from the Mage Wars Core Set, with more than 70 spells not found in the first Core Spell Tome.

Customize your Mage with some of the best spells from the Core Set! This tome focuses on high level spells, and the most powerful conjurations, equipment, and creatures.

Expand your enchantment library with Cheetah Speed, Chains of Agony, Magebane, Cobra Reflexes, or Divine Intervention

Field a retinue of creaturews with Necropian Vampiress, Gorgon Archer, Darkfenne Hydra, Redcalw, Brogan Bloodstone, Adramelech, and more!

Always have the right spell to play. Whether that's a Poison Gas Cloud, Resurrection, Chain Lightning, or Deathlock, youre Mage has plenty of options

Mage Wars Core Set required for play. 

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