Sing For Your Supper (EN)

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This new game is fun and simple: you get rewarded with "Supper" cards by "Singing for Your Supper" from the "Song" deck.
Supper cards are used to create different dishes, and the objective is to be the first player or team to create a full course meal. To sing a song, you must first decipher the "cue phrase" on a Song card, recognize the popular hit song, then sing aloud to the table a portion of that song. Players in clockwise order guess the name of the song.
The first to have the correct name of the song title shares in the reward of Supper cards. This continues with each player, and the first to create a full course meal wins!
Kategorie: Spiele
Artikelnummer: SFYSINGS01
GTIN: 850008527005
Sprache‍: Englisch
Art‍: Partyspiel
Typ‍: Grundspiel
Anzahl‍: 2 Spieler3 Spieler4 Spieler5 Spieler6 Spieler7 Spieler8+ Spieler
Alter‍: ab 14 Jahren
Dauer‍: bis 60 Minuten