Star Trek: Away Missions - Federation vs Borg Battle of Wolf 359 Core Set (EN)

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Taking the lead is going to be the Core Set for Star Trek: Away Missions which sees the Federation going up against The Borg in a Next Generation clash. The Battle Of Wolf 359 has a Federation Away Team led by the epic Riker going up against Locustus and the drones of The Borg.

Games of Star Trek: Away Missions are played out in quick ninety-minute bouts between two players as you see to complete missions and take down your enemies. Set your phasers to kill! Taking a cue from the likes of Warhammer Underworlds, each Away Team comes with stat cards and such that you need to play the game and are entirely playable right out of the set. So, all you need to do is pick your favourite Away Team, crack open the box and you're ready to go.

Each Away Team will have their own strengths and weaknesses that you'll need to master if you're looking to secure victory. You'll also note that the game comes with a whole host of awesome miniatures! The miniatures for Away Team are around 40/45mm in scale and should be a lot of fun to paint.

I really like the look of Riker's Away Team in particular and I think it would be great fun to paint them up. You've got Riker, Worf, Shelby and Data so what's not to like? I reckon Locustus' Borg probably have some good tricks up their sleeves though.

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