A Song Of Ice & Fire: Bolton Cutthroats (EN)

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Miniaturenspiel, Erweiterung, Fantasy

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On a battlefield where the fighting is done up
close and personal, a reputation for vicious
brutality can be just as effective a weapon as any
blade or bow. The Bolton Cutthroats have simple
armor and only a spiked mace at hand, but they
are coldly efficient at cutting down enemies with
much more elaborate armaments.
The A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures
Game Bolton Cutthroats unit box contains 12
different Bolton Cutthroat miniatures in four
different sculpts, one Dreadfort Captain Unit
Attachment, a Movement Tray, and all of the
associated Unit cards. The Cutthroats specialize
in driving fear into their opponents, and with the
Vicious Trait, they`llbe able to force their
enemies to fail Panic Tests on a regular basis. It`s
one thing to read about war in books, it`s quite
another when you`re standing across the field
from men who kill for sport!

12 Bolton Cutthroats Miniatures
1 Dreadfort Captain Miniature 1 Unit Card
1 Attachment Card 1 Movement Tray